Bulk Cash sales receipts

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I have to find a way to upload bulk cash receipts for our daily Cash sales. We have 32 shifts daily. I need to record Cash receipts for each POS for actual cash, a cabcharge mahcine, a NAB EFTPOS. Additionally we need to record each online payment and each telephone transaction individually. This is so we can reconcile our bank with the sales.

Currently I am creating individual receipt for each transactions which take SO MUCH time.


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    Hi Zappy

    Yes, I have. The format described in the help menu is too confusing. I have tried several times but the file just does not work. If someone can share a copy of their file which is working successfully, that will be my best shot.


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    If you can collect all of your transactions to a file, I can help you import them into your RAH. I already have a tool (you can use it for free) that allows importing data from a CSV/Excel file. Please find the app info below.

    Let me know if you have any questions.