Customer Direct Debit - only credit card option

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In a customers file - payment options - Direct Debit. Why is there only Credit Card details options? We have DDR with bank account details and want to create a bulk ABA for customer payments.


  • Eric Murphy
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    Forgive my ignorance but why are you making payments to YOUR customers? Shouldn't it be the other way around?

  • Trish
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    Hi Eric, I don't think my question said I want to make payments to our customers.

    Our Direct Debit facility has bulk upload & requires a ABA to direct debit FROM customers.

    My question is... Customer Settings within Reckon Hosted - the only payment option for direct debit is Credit Card - our customers prefer payments from their bank accounts or some don't have credit cards.

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    Hi Trish

    ABA files are only for making payments out. Unfortunately, the direct debit process needs to be arranged via your bank/3rd party provider.

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  • Trish
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    Instructions below on our direct debit facility

    Collecting a Direct Debit payment by uploading a file from an

    accounting software

    1. Select Setup business Direct Debit from the Payments menu.

    2. Select Import File.

  • Trish
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    On looking further at Customer Payment options within Reckon Hosted, I can see the following function:

    Customers - Accept Credit Card Payments - Process Credit Card Payments

    I would assume that this is why the only payment method option in a Customer File is Credit Cards.

    Maybe something for the developers to look into for the future - bulk direct debit files for customer payments.

  • cosmic
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    TThis feature of direct debit with bulk payment Cosmic has developed for Aged Care business.

    It's an 3rd party solution

    You also can use Ezzydebit I think they are connected to RAH

    If you still interested you can contact me on 0407068942


    Cosmic Accounting Group

    Accountants and Tax Agents 22397009