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2021/2022 STP Report has 2 errors:

  1. does not include the updated event figures
  2. there is a random event which was not entered so unable to delete

The Payruns are correctly entered and the 2 employees EOFY balance just not the report?

Thank you


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    When you mention STP Report has 2 errors do you mean the STP Tab in Payroll app is showing two transactions that don't appear correct or are these showing "error" status. In STP tab the update events don't show the amounts.

    In the end what matters is the EOFY Payrun that will report the YTD Income statement of the employees. If EOFY balances are correct then there should be no issue in submitting the 2021/22 EOFY payrun.

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    The STP Report is wrong. I made 4 amendments during the year, 3 are not showing any figures at all, and the 4th still reports the original figures. The second error in the Report is, there is a random set of figures included. I don't have any record that we made an amendment for this particular pay date of 02/12/2021.

    I have already submitted the EOFY PayRun as the balances are correct there and the employees have confirmed the information they have received on their Pay Summary in their ATO is correct. I have checked in this business' ATO account and the EOFY Report is exactly the same as the STP Report, wrong.

    I'm happy that the employees' Pay Summaries are right, and I have made notes on the errors on the Report.

    thank you