Can I replace Company File in RA Hosted

Margaret Clifford
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Good morning and thank you in advance

Client has a company file on hosted that has errors - transaction not in balance. I have rebuilt the file off line on desktop 2022 - this has no errors. Am I able to delete or download the file out of hosted and upload the new one, so as to only have one file in the Q:. Client is new to Reckon and need to avoid 2 files in Hosted. Never had this one before

Have rang support x2. Received 2 different answers . Not helpful

Marg Clifford


  • Kris_Williams
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    When in Hosted click on the up arrow on the red toolbox, then you will be able to select your file on the desktop and upload to the Q drive. You should also be able to highlight the old file and click delete to remove it. If you are uploading a backup save it to the B Drive and you can then restore it within Hosted. If file is not too big you can upload the actual qbw file to the Q drive.

    2 different steps, one to upload and one to delete, doesn’t matter what you do first as long as you are confident you have the correct file on your desktop. Also a good idea to rename the file you are uploading, with perhaps 2022 at the end, that way there is no confusion as to the current file

  • Margaret Clifford
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    Thanks Kris

    I was confident in the backup to B: and restoring to Q: but wasn't sure if I could actually delete the mad file !! without causing issues ..

    I got conflicting answers from Support

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  • Margaret Clifford
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    Thanks Zappy information greatly appreciated