Superanuation for the last FY payslip is extra to 10%

Hi, I have 2 employees whos super is not exactly 10% of their gross. To amend this is extremely difficult or confusing. Just changing the 10% default just goes back to 10%. How do I show instead of paying SG super of of $144.20 to the last super paid SG of $145.10????

I saw someone else posted a similar problem. You posted a video to the EOFY summary. But this change of amounts not being quite 10% superanuation WAS NOT ADDRESSES.


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    @VellaBuilding_5 Normally the STP reporting should occur prior to the payment made to employee.

    On specifics of the issue you have reported, I am assuming you want the Payrun to register a super amount of $145.10 instead of the default amount of $144.20 calculated assuming 10% rate for FY 2021-22.

    The Guarantee Super rate can be a value of 00.0001 to 99.9999.

    If the app is showing super of $144.20 then the total earnings (assuming no deductions) is $1442.00.

    If you use super rate of 10.0624 you should get to the amount of $145.10. Hope this works.

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    thanking you ever so much.

    I did put the super rate you advised and this time is accepted. As other times it did not.

    this solves me issue. I thank you for your help, yet once again.