Changes made to payroll items not memorised

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Hi all,

Hopefully this is a quick fix - have had a search through old posts but no-one else seems to have asked this question:

I use Reckon Hosted.

Why won't the changes I have made in the Payroll Item List appear on my employee's pay slips. For example, the JOBKEEPER item STILL appears every week and I have to manually delete it. (I'm sure this is SO EASY and I've missed the memo 😂)

I have dealt with Jobkeeper easily because it's set an nil $, but this....

Since July 1st, I have made a change to the amount on another payroll item and it insists on 'remembering' the old amount, thus, I have to manually enter it. It's fraught with disaster, ie. what if I forget to change it?

Thanks to anyone who can shed some light here for me! Please be kind! 🤗


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    Hi Glynis,

    There may be an easier way, but I think you will need to go into each employee and, using the Payroll & Compensation info tab, remove the JOBKEEPER payroll item from the Earnings list. With the other payroll item that has changed amounts, try deleting from the relevant employees' payroll information and adding it back in. Hopefully, that will update and keep the correct amount for you each payroll.


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    Sounds like you are deleting the JobKeeper reference when you are completing the payroll run. Instead to the the employee's details and deleted any reference to JobKeeper from this record

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    As per Bruce & JudyA’s advice, you need to delete any unwanted (or edit accordingly) Payroll Items in the employee’s record ☺️

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    Ohhhhh thank you guys so much Shaz, Bruce and Judy! @Acctd4 @Bruce @JudyA

    Ah, so simple, but something I've never had to do and easily missed! I have only made changes/edited in the Payroll Item Lists - but not each employee!

    Your help was VERY much appreciated - as I always seem to find in this great little Reckon Community! 🤩