Sue Jones
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Hello everyone

Need HELP all of a sudden Simplified BAS is showing a Negative Number.

Nothing has changed in my File for the last 15 years.

All Payroll Reports, Payroll Summaries, Payslips all show the Correct figures.


  • Acctd4
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    The Simplified BAS is mapped to pick up tax codes for GST, but accounts for Wages & PAYGW. Because of this - along with the liability due - it will also pick up any payments of W2 liabilities at the W2 label that happen to overlap with the reporting period. Therefore, when this happens (& I can identify that this is the only & specific reason!) I manually override this amount by typing in what it should be as per my Payroll Summary (see below)

    I do use the Simplified BAS, but to confirm the correct figures I always run it in conjunction with the following (previously customised & Memorised) reports:

    • Tax Code Summary (configured for Cash/Accrual accordingly, set to Net or Gross & Without cents for the applicable period eg Last Month/Quarter) - This gives you the specific GST label amounts &
    • Payroll Summary (configured for All Employee Payroll Items for the applicable period & Without cents) - This gives you the W1 label (Adjusted Gross Pay) & W2 (PAYGW)

    TIP: I also configure all my reports to Show negative numbers in bright red. This makes these figures a lot easier to identify!

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  • Sue Jones
    Sue Jones Member Posts: 68 ✭✭

    As advised in the beginning of my Post everything has been fine for the last 15years with no issues.

    Why has this issue only been since upgrading to 2022 Version. June W2 figure was correct, but when I was processing July & August the amount is a Negative.

  • Tilley
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    I have similar issues with the NCF reporting on the simplified bas which is now showing as a negative.

  • Tilley
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    did you get this resolved Sue?

  • Sue Jones
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    Hi Tilley

    No not resolved. I just manually override the amount with the correct amount every month.

    All we get from support is "Oh you must of have Entered something wrong" How can something be Entered wrong when it has always worked for 15+ years then all of a sudden upgrading to 2022 Version it is showing Negative Amount!!

    How can the Figure be Correct on Reports, but Negative on the BAS???

    I have also gone back & re-configured a BAS from last year that back then was Correct, but now its Negative.

    I'm sorry that you are going through a simular issue.

    Just remember that its probably nothing you have done wrong 😃

    Please keep me posted if you get a fix on your issue..

  • Bruce
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    Is the Simplified BAS for a month where you have remitted two months worth of PAYG W to the ATO (rather than the regular one). This can throw up negative numbers - see Shaz's comment above re the mapping of W1 and W2 to accounts rather than tax codes

  • Kris_Williams
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    The tax summary report is my choice for BAS figures and payroll reports. I haven’t used the BAS report since direct lodgement was discontinued

  • Tilley
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    Appreciate reply Sue,

    I've been a long time Reckon user and in general I find Reckon excellent for price levels and reports etc, but the lack of real support really gets to me.

    I agree it is always its ...'must be something we've done, or we don't have an answer for that'

    I find that I am late putting the BAS in on time because of these errors especially after an update and I hate that Reckon can get things so wrong. It's designed to make our accounts simpler not harder, the time I waste rebuilding data, verifying and re- running reports that crash or are obviously wrong is so frustrating and time consuming.

    I have made numerous posts and requests for help with Reckon, but it is usually through the help of the community I get some answers, other times I find a work around myself sometimes there is no solution.

    We use a 5 user licence which we are supposed to get free help, but it seems to me we don't get much real support.

    We have been faithfully using Reckon Premier since 2006 and every so often we get up grade issues and we get no support from Reckon, in most cases the issues seem to fix themselves later on. I must admit that I usually I am late in updating to the latest version, maybe that's where the problem lies?

    My main ongoing issue with Reckon lies with the size of our company file which after 16 years is now really large. This could be the reason the reports take forever to generate - so much data to analysis.

    I would have thought that reckon would have worked out a way to archive or delete older material that would seriously reduce the file size but hell no, there solution start a new company file!! they say simple? tried it a real nightmare and you cannot export all your data. Helpful things like memorised transactions and saved reports cannot be exported and reimported, simple things like builds and item categories ie box packet etc can also not be exported. Then there is the time involved and how on earth are we supposed to keep working and start this new company file at the same time, run 2 sets of books I thought would be a solution, but I believe that's counted as another licence more cost and talking of costs, I reckon time wise for me or 3rd party of fix our reckon file would be thousands.

    So I just keep using Reckon best I can and hope that one day soon Reckon find a solution to huge file sizes that doesn't involve starting a new company file.

    TBH if I ever do need to start a new file, I reckon I will try MOYB surely they cannot be any worse.

    Good luck

  • Kris_Williams
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    I would not leave Reckon, just create a new file when you have time - better the devil you know. I have used MYOB, Reckon much more user friendly, or at least it was in the early days

  • Tilley
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    Thanks Kris,

    thanks but ha ha ha , what spare time. I already work so many hours after work as most reports etc can only be done in single user.

  • Kris_Williams
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    If you need any help or advice about doing this feel free to call me 0415 940843

  • Sue Jones
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    Hi Tilly

    I am in the same boat my file started in 2006 as well.

    We can hope & pray things improve, but I am not holding my breath...

  • John Graetz
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    Hi Sue

    When compiling the BAS, have you clicked on the tab for W2 to see which account/s are mapped to W2? If it is only the Tax Withheld Liability account, have you had a look at the transaction in that account for the nominated period, to try and identify what transaction or transactions are causing it to throw out? It could be something as simple as transactions going into a header account instead of a sub account, or something like that.

  • GlennKTS
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    I used Quicken then changed to Quickbooks in 1993 now I am running this expensive Reckon Hosted no where near as user friendly as it was and now up dated to 2023 and also getting W2 as negative on my BAS. I generally do bookwork at night so live help is not available. Is there a fix for this yet? I manually changed it.

  • John Graetz
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    edited July 21

    GlennKTS. My understanding is that the W2 label is picking up the balance of your Tax Liability account as at the end of the period, that is 30/6/2023. Have a look at your Tax Liability account first and see what the balance is. If it is not equal to the tax deducted from your payroll during the reporting period, then there is some transaction/s in there which is throwing it out? Also, have you clicked on the W2 label to see what account/s are mapped to that label? I don't have this problem as it works perfectly for me, so I do not believe that it is a Reckon problem, but rather some form of user problem. To propose a possible solution. Are you perhaps clearing the Tax Liability account at the end of each month and placing it into some other Liaiblity Account? That would definitely be causing a problem because it would technically mean that the only value in the account was that for the last month of the period.

    Perhaps you could also run the BAS on a month by month basis and see if that helps isolate the problem. My best bet still is that there is some extraneous transaction/s going through your Tax Liability which is somehow reducing the value, because my understanding is that if your BAS value is negative, then your Tax Liability account must also be negative.

    John L G