item bulk quantity price discount ?

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Hi Community,

is there a way you can do a price level on the cost side of a purchase like you can with the sell price.

If we buy above 50 of an item we get a better rate, above 100 a better rate etc. I don't want to have to remember the rates or put the item in as another item. I know I could add another field to show a discount or rate but that would still involve me a manually changing it.

Anyone had some experience with bulk discounts and how do you work them.

I did notice someone on here said that reckon works on the average cost of the item to work the P & L? if that is the case then how do I ensure I still make money when I only purchase say 5 of the items and then I purchase 1000? clearly the 1000 would dilute our profits.

Appreciate any feedback.


  • PhuongDo
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    Hi Tilley,

    I don't think you can do it in Reckon.

    I have built a similar application for a client that the price of the item in the invoice will be calculated based on many factors (quantity, customer type, location, etc..)

    Basically, it provides a similar PO form for you to enter, once they choose the item and quantity, depending on how you define the rate/cost of each item (qty based) it will then can show the correct amount. Once everything is entered, hit a button will create the transaction in Reckon for you.

    Let me know.

  • Tilley
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    Thanks for reply.

    great minds think alike that is exact what I did a made an excel sheet and this gave me figures once I knew what the customer wanted but didnt help with the supply side. Someone at work suggested using discounts for the bulk quantities buys, think that would work. Ie I buy 10 for $5 but only $3 for 100, so thats 40% discount and so on. Will give that ago when I get a chance.