User Stuck on Login

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The other day we had multiple issues with internet dropping in and out and then off for near a day. Since then I have reset the company users in control panel for all users.

When we get into the system everyone can reconnect except me. All I get is building report Please wait. I cancelled this after 2 hours as I assume it is in some form of loop.

I rang for assistance to be informed have to let the report finalise. So restarted and went home for a few hours as nothing I can do here. On return it informed me it had timed out due to inactivity and so i have restarted the process again. Only at 10 mins so far so i assume I have hours to wait. Surely their is a way to reset the user and clear any reports looping.




  • Kris_Williams
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    Have you gone into the control panel and logged off remote users? The window you come to before you Launch Reckon Hosted