Purchase Orders - Partial Receipts and $ Amount Outstanding

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I use 3 reports for managing job materials

1 All purchase orders by job (I call it a Procurement Status Report)

2 Open purchase orders by job

3 Job Cost Report

When there is a partial delivery on a PO then $amount showing on both reports is total qty x unit price. This makes it difficult to know the $amount of outstanding POs

I can download the reports to excel and add columns to calculate the true outstanding amount of open POs.

Also, in theory you could calculate the difference between value of reports 1 & 3 above but we do not use POs for every expense on a job.

The other work around is to add a line to the PO every time you have a partial delivery to reflect the outstanding qty for the item (ie. split received and outstanding qty's).

All of the above is incredibly time consuming and frustrating when you have a lot of jobs and POs. Our Project Managers are continually unhappy about this. In the current supply chain environment - partial deliveries are becoming common.

Am I missing something in being able to add $ values for materials received and open items on these reports? I have also looked at trying to build a custom report without success.




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    Hmm ... I've just had a play around with the reports - including like you, creating a custom one from scratch - to display the open qty & $ amounts - & it looks like you're right Rob ... The "Open" (& manual customisation to show only "Open") actually only displays the PO line total $ amounts! 😣🙄 One would expect an "Open ..." PO report to actually display the "Open" amounts!

    I'd recommend voting (if someone 's already listed it) or otherwise, adding this, to the Ideas/Wish List: https://ideas.reckon.com/

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    This requires RAH /API/SDK work ,if you need, any thing to do with Unused PO COSTING etc

    Even Intuit version does not have it their Quckbooks version is far more advanced then what we have!

    Yes , this can be done using above tool

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