STP weekly gross not reconciling with gross total on pays report

Would anyone know why the total gross on my STP report does not agree with the total gross on my pays report? It is only out by $0.01 but as everyone knows, it may not necessarily be what it seems. It has only just happened in the last 2 weekly pays. I have checked each individual's gross, super, tax, allowances, etc against the ytd totals on the STP report and all these reconcile. My next step will be to check what has changed since it started happening but thought that someone may have had this problem and was able to solve it. It doesn't make sense as the information on the STP is derived from the weekly pay processing.


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    This is purely speculation but could be a rounding thing if there are a few people with odd cents

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    As Kris said, it’s may just be a rounding thing but I’ve not ever encountered that happening before.

    Have you submitted any zero pays (where you have to do a 1c pay with 1c PAYG withheld ?)

    Can you identify which Payroll Item(s) it has occurred on ?

    NB: Tax returns use whole-dollar amounts only so it’s not going to impact anything but I’d be identifying the cause now to rule out any payroll item configuration issues.

    TIP: I always match my STP pay run totals with a modified Memorised YTD Payroll Summary that I customise to display in per-pay-run columns. I run this before EVERY STP submission so I know the figures are correct each time. This also ensures the EOFY Finalise Year process is a 2 minute job rather than a 5 hr one!

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