Report Building Time & Changing Accounts/Class in a bulk of transaction

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Hi Team,

is it normal to take 2-4 minutes to build a report?

How do i change/replace account name or class in a bulk of transactions? Sorry i am new user with reckon hosted account - like in Xero we I do it .

Thanks for your help


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    Depends on the report, I have one in particular that the tax summary report takes at least that

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    @MuhammadAhmed No, however the timeframe is very much dependent on the user's company file & environment.

    eg It can be impacted by:

    • Company File Size

    A very large file will take longer to generate Cash reports than Accrual ones (This is because Cash basis needs to first determine transactions & then payments made ALSO)

    • Company File Health

    The file should be being Verified on a regular basis - This ensures there are no data corruptions or technical data background issues. If any are found & the system prompts to Rebuild, this should be done.

    • Multi-User Status

    Multi User mode slows down processes as it has to allow for & synchronise multiple sources of data entry/activity.

    • Internet Connection

    Your internet speed/performance will be a large contributing factor to your RAH experience as the program relies on a stable, efficient internet connection for access.

    • Network setup

    If you have multiple users logging in from a network set up, this may possibly impact things, depending on the user access configurations.

    Unfortunately, bulk editing is not possible in RAH however, you can merge most list names including accounts.

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    thank you everyone. I might need time to time support from you guys.