Toolbox export not working

SoniaStelmach Member Posts: 1

For some reason today my toolbox is not working - it will work for about 3 files but then the download drop down list doesn't open and the export file isn't recognised in the Download Files in settings.

I have tried in both MS Edge and Google Chrome - neither working.


  • Alexander McKeown
    Alexander McKeown Reckon Staff Posts: 74 Reckon Staff

    Hello Sonia,

    It sounds to me like you might have an AdBlocker, Antivirus, or other similar add-on that may be preventing clean downloads from Chrome into your machine - that, or you might have a download limit.

    A good way to test is to try open your Google Chrome in Incognito mode, login to Hosted, and attempt downloading a few items - if it fails again, it might be due to your download limit or internet connection - though if it works, it's likely to be an add-on in your browser or an antivirus.

    Let me know how you go.

    Kind regards,