STP wont accept Employee's New Zealand address

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We have a old employee who has returned to do some casual work. We have reactivated his employment file.

His new Tax declaration has his New Zealand address on it and to treat as a foreign resident for tax purposes.

Tax code 3 - NonRes tax 32.5%

When creating the STP, we keep getting a message to check his address.

State is chosen as none.

If we chose a state the message is not generated.

How do we get around this issue?




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    Hi Shelley

    Hmm ... Interesting scenario.

    Have you tried selecting 8-No TaxC as the Tax Code & entering 32.5 manually, as the Tax % (I don't know if this is the solution, but it works for Working Holiday Makers so worth trying it ?):

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    Hi Shaz

    We have tried changing the tax code however we still come up with the same error in relation to his address

    We have tried to enter the postcode of 3434 which is his New Zealand postcode as well as leaving it blank however due to the fact that we have not chosen a state it still rejects his name to upload the stp

    Any further ideas on how to get around this issue?

    Thanks Nadine