Overpaid Superannuation how to adjust

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Advise please we overpaid an employees superannuation contribution. Would anyone offer advice on how make this adjustment entry, cannot process a negative super $amount in payrun.




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    Hi Noelene

    How is it being treated ? Is the Super fund refunding the excess amount to you or allocating it to the next period or - as is usually the case - are you just having to wear the overpayment ?

    Depending on the above, you can either:

    • Adjust the employee's Paycheque (to increase the Super liability to the amount you paid)
    • Enter a Payroll Liability Adjustment for this employee or
    • Receive a Refund of Payroll Liabilities

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    Overpayment during covid period, super was added to employeees cash advances and discovered in payroll audit. Option 1. Wear it would be the easiest solution but we advised ATO.

    Option 2. Have not notified the superfund, thought this option would be difficult.

    Just tried your option Liability Adjustment and you solved the problems. Thank so much.