Backup - continually failing

PeterC67 Member Posts: 6

I'm trying to take a backup of our data using the backup option, and having absolutely zero success.

I've tried with complete verification, quicker verification and no verification, all to no avail.

Last night I think I attempted it about 6 times. It gets to about 60-70% and then reports an integrity error, and I need to resolve this. Can't resolve that till I get a successful backup.

Does anyone have some suggestions that may help in achieving a backup.

Screenshot of out File Size, Transaction, and File Fragments



  • Kris_Williams
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    Have you done a rebuild?

  • Rav
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    Hi @PeterC67

    When was the last time you were able to successfully perform a backup of your file?

    Have you tried re-sorting your lists?

  • PeterC67
    PeterC67 Member Posts: 6

    Looking at the View Backup Log - last successful backup may have been 2021

    I only started at this job in November, and the performance of Reckon has got progressively worse and worse.

    Just trying it again this morning. 3 hours to get to 67% and now seems hung.

    I see getting a successful backup as a key to doing an integrity check etc. etc. and getting DB File Fragments down.

    Would getting the file fragments down possibly help in getting the backup completed?

  • Kris_Williams
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    You could download the data file to your computer, install the version of Enterprise that you are entitled to, and try rebuild and backup locally

  • Datarec_ReckonLtd
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    Hi @PeterC67

    The file has a problem which is preventing the backup from completing.

    Recommend that you either:

    a) Contact the Customer Service Team to get yourself a single-user Enterprise licence (complementary with your Hosted licence), then download and install the Reckon Accounts Enterprise 2022 software along with the latest Tax Table Update (release R2) then perform the Verify Data and Rebuild Data

    b) Contact the Hosted Technical Support Team for assistance with performing the Verify Data operation on the Hosted platform and getting a copy of the resulting verify_and_rebuild.txt (error log file) so that they can see what issues have been detected

    If necessary, they can escalate your case to the Data Recovery Team for additional troubleshooting.