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I'm looking for Job Profitability reports that can be either filtered by the Job Info categories (Job Status, start date, end date, etc) or at least have those field available as column headings. I've looked at all the the Job reports and none seem to have these fields available in the filter options.

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    I think the difficulty is that these are filters from 2 separate areas - the profitability figures are transactional whereas the job info is database-specific.

    The Job info categories are not transaction-related (eg they are in the Customer:Job database only, not on transactions that you enter) which is why the system is unable to display that all in one report.

    Unfortunately, the Job info categories are manual & quite basic so they don't update automatically or link with specific transactions.

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    yes , to do this you need to use Reckon SDK/API, we built a very extensive Job/wip report tool for desktop version.

    For a builder/ electrical tax client of mine .

    may be you can manually manipulate reports.

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    Thank you Shaz and Cosmic,

    Yes I think the solution for our purposes will be to use two separate reports and manage them via excel.

    Thank you for your input