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One of our employees has recently changed Super funds midway through the quarter. How do i transfer the funds accumulated from April and part of May to the new fund?

If I create a new Super fund, it doesnt carry the fundds over.

I have named the original Super Fund but cant simply change it as another employee is using the same super find - but hasnt changed. (hope that makes sense!)


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    Hi Lyn

    Payroll Items should be generic, not employee-specific. Therefore, it's best practice to create a Super Payroll Item per type & fund eg

    • AMP
    • AMP (SS)
    • REST
    • CBUS
    • MLC

    In the above example, "AMP" is for the usual (10.5%) Super & "AMP (SS)" is for any employee who salary sacrifices super contributions to AMP

    Then, edit the previous Paycheques from earlier in the quarter, by Unlocking each one:

    Delete the old Super Payroll Item & add the new one instead, then resave it (by clicking OK > Save & Close)

    IMPORTANT: Make sure you have a screenshot or printout of the original Paycheque to ensure the figures remain the same!

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    I would also issue the employee with copies of the updated payslips with a covering memo confirming that you have changed the sup'n fund at their request - just so that you have a paper trail in case somebody ever produces the original pay slip in the future