Quicken 2004 won't open/disappeared

Last August (2022) I bought a new HP laptop and installed via a Reckon link Quicken 2004. I know that this is a very old program but I'm in my mid-70s and it's perfect for my needs.

A couple of days ago while still using this same laptop, after clicking on the icon and opening the 'front page', I entered my password whereupon instead of the program opening, it just disappeared. I phoned Reckon and was guided to the software installation link but on unzipping the download all I can see is this :

After 'extracting all' from the zipped folder, this is what happens when I click on the autorun/application:

I clicked on Run anyway:

I clicked on Yes but it then starts a New User setup. I'm not a new user, I just want to access the program that I've been using on this laptop for the last 10 months.

Unfortunately it's been 4 months since I did a data backup so if I take the New User option then I'll need to go back over all my bank statements etc and enter all the transactions since then! Horror of horrors!!!

All this is just too hard for this grandma in her mid-70s who just needs to continue using Quicken 2004 which has very few whistles & bells!

Any suggestions as to how I can retrieve my original program would be greatly appreciated.


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    I dont think it is going to work for you, when you decide to upgrade give me a call and i can do a special price for you.

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