Employee File IIF - Open in Excel to make adjustments - save - re-import to reckon - ISSUE

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I have used the method to export the employee file in IIF, open in Excel & adjust pay rates. Save as IIF then report back into Reckon for many years.

I have just tried this year & it seems that excel is changing the data file on save & reckon is not accepting the updated file. I have had our tech support look into this & we have tried different 'save' options but still no luck.

Has anyone else been successful with this method recently? Or ran into a similar issue & has a suggested work around?

400 employees with 21 different pay rates = 8400 manual entries (no thanks!)


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    Are you getting a specific error message ?

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  • Trish
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    I did.. i took a screenshot... but then i deleted it.. sorry, i dont want to try it again now as i have restored company file from backup

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    I have tried to do an update this way as well and not only has it not worked like previously (we ended up manually going through 180 employees when it failed), I think it has changed other aspects of their pay details as on this pay suddenly our casuals have leave entitlements accruing despite their employment files having nothing like this listed still... we are really concerned about this as we are now wondering what else has changed. We think we will have to restore from the backup file and rerun all 180 pays.....