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I have a part time employee who has worked the following:

2 x 7.5 hour days in first fortnight

3 x 7.5 hour days in second fortnight and resigned.

Contract states she works 30 hours a fortnight. I have set her up on annual leave "per pay period" prorata and calculated it in the beginning as follows: 4weeks annual leave = 60 hours per year, therefore 60 divided by 26 fortnights = 2.307 hours accrued per fortnight, thus making her termination 2 x 2.307 hours paid out.

Boss claims this is wrong and I should have set her up as "per time worked" accrual in the do I calculate this please as I presume it will give me the same answer???

Would love a second set of eyes on this one please. :)


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    Leave accrues based on hours actually worked.

    Your calculation pays the employee based on her having worked 30 hours EVERY fortnight … But she actually only worked 15 hrs in the first one & 22.5 hrs in the second one (37.5 hrs total out of the expected 60) !

    I only ever set leave accrual as “every hour” for this very reason 😬

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    Thanks Shaz....Reckon One does not have "every hour" option as I agree it would be preferable....I note you are experienced in query is for Reckon you know what the equivalent is in Reckon One???

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    It's "Per Time Worked"


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