Timesheets not importing into payrun / Classification not included in payrun journal

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Hello Reckon Community,

I've tried everything however something is preventing the importing of timesheets into payroll. Any ideas of what else I can try? I have - deleted payments, payruns, timesheets, re-entered timesheets. Payroll approval process is active and the timesheets have been approved.

I am trying to reprocess as the payrun journal did not pick up the Classification attribute values entered on the timesheet lines. Could this be a configuration error / does the classification value need to be displayed on the daily / weekly timesheet lines view in order to be picked up and included in the payrun journal? I don't seem to be able to myself make the Classification column / value visible.



  • mjohnson_fr
    mjohnson_fr Member Posts: 9

    Update: I had deleted the payroll schedule, so the schedule set on the employee record was blank. I selected the new payroll schedule, and could process a payrun. However, the payrun journal still has not picked up the Classification attribute from the timesheets; how can this be corrected for> Doesn't make sense to have to post a subsequent recode journal to have the Classification values in the P&L.