Shutting down during backup

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  • Marlene Spiteri
    Marlene Spiteri Member Posts: 1

    Since the new update of Reckon accounts desktop 2023, I am able to do a backup, but keep getting a big box in middle of screen with Red Cross to shut down. Why is this happening?

  • Alexander McKeown
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    Hello @Marlene Spiteri,

    When you are taking a backup, where are you saving this backup to? Just to the desktop, or are you saving it elsewhere?

    Also, where is your company file stored? Is it in the default location C:\Users\Public\Documents\Intuit\Quickbooks\Company Files\..., or is it stored elsewhere?

    Typically, crashing after a backup is a sign that there may be permissions issues or a corruption in the company file causing the problem, or the location you are saving the backup to is unreachable with Reckon Accounts.