Sharing Reckon 2023 Desktop Data file.

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My club is improving its governance and we need to access the data file across the executive committee. I'm wondering if this is possible with Reckon Desktop 2023. For instance, is there a data file reader?

If not, are we better off upgrading to the 'cloud' version and will the committee members be able to access the data in a 'read only' format?

Thanks in advance for your responses!

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  • Kris_Williams
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    Hosted is the best way to access the file from different computers. Then you setup a user or users for the committee to logon with - read only use only. But with a single license, only one user at a time can access the file. You would then only need to setup one user as they could not be on at the same time anyway.


  • GIYC
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    Hello Kris

    Excellent, I have passed on your response to the rest of the committee.

    Thanks for responding so quickly!

    Kind regards

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