Only one staff member has a 'Tax ready' and 'Not tax ready' on their my gov.


All the other staff worked until June 30 except this 1 employee finished in february.

The amounts are the same on both.

How do I remove the not tax ready?


  • Alexander McKeown
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    Hello @vanessariches75,

    This is normally due to an employee's Employee Number or Tax File Number changing in the FY.

    Has there been any modifications done to their record during or after their employment/termination that would affect either of these details?

    If so, you will need to modify the employee back to their original state, then resubmit the EOFY. This should correct this issue.

  • vanessariches75
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    No, neither of these things happened. I have checked many payslips sent and they all have the same employee number

  • Alexander McKeown
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    Did this employee come in from another software package?

    Was there ever a second/duplicate record for this employee that they used in the past that was replaced?

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    If there is an additional incorrect record that's unfinalised, the employee (or their tax agent) can disregard/remove this one from the employee's tax return prefill.

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