Can we have desktop on two locations

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Hi - We are on Reckon Accounts Premier 2023 - 2 user license.

I need to give access to our Reckon account to a UK destination. We have been purchased by a UK company and they require access to the file.

As it is a two-user account - is this possible & how do I go about that?

Thank you in advance!


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    Yes you just have to install the program on the UK computer - if you login to the members site using your customer number and pin you can download the Reckon Premier file and installation key and then install

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    Hi @113396

    Only if they have access to your computer where the file (eg your server or local PC) which in this case could be problematic ?

    Your better option would have been using Reckon Accounts Hosted as that can be accessed anytime, from anywhere. You can easily move across to hosted - It looks exactly the same (but has additional features also). You would just upload your Company File to the Hosted platform & you & the UK company, could both login to Hosted & work in the file at the same time. T

    he cost of Hosted is very comparable with Premier in that it's $ 850 p/user p/yr (compared to Premier which is currently $ 880 p/user p/yr) You would also be credited/refunded for any remaining time left on your desktop subscription & I believe Hosted has a promotion at the moment, offering 3 additional months free.

    Feel free to email me direct if this is something you'd like to consider 😊

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    Hi Kris_Williams - would that allow both of us to work on the one file? or would the file have to be stored somewhere that we can both access as per Shaz comment above?



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    Yes I believe it would, but has to be accessed from UK to your server, Shaz’s suggestion is a far better option, as the file is not stored on your computer but on Reckon servers. You just have to be diligent with backing up regularly and downloading to your PC. No different to backing up your Premier and copying to an external drive