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We're really excited to deliver the Reckon Payroll upgrade to our Reckon One and Payroll Premier (desktop) customers. Overall, the upgrade has been going really well with a huge number of users successfully making the move to Reckon Payroll 🎉

Our teams have worked very hard to make the switch as seamless and easy as possible however we have seen a few reports of issues and various error messages from users. The purpose of this post is to collate all of the current known issues, outline any current workarounds and fixes that our team is working on.

📌 'There is an issue with your account' when launching Reckon Payroll for the first time

If you've been using Reckon One for payroll and STP submissions for a while and are now in the process of upgrading to Reckon Payroll but encountering the above message, there is a simple reason for that 👇

1️⃣ Your branch number in Reckon One is blank

Check the branch number field in your Reckon One book by going to Settings ➡ Book Settings ➡ Branch Number

Please ensure there is a valid entry in this field and it matches the branch number for your existing STP entity in GovConnect and select Save.

ℹ️ If your ABN does not have a specific branch number the default is 001.

Once you've done the above, launch Reckon Payroll again

📌 Something went wrong error when trying to complete STP Phase 2 Checklist

We've seen some instances of a 'Something went wrong' error message appearing when trying to complete the STP Phase 2 Checklist.

This could be related to missing expense accounts associated with your pay items. Head over to Settings ➡️ Pay Items and check all your pay items have an account associated with them including any that are inactive.

If you're still having trouble with the STP Phase 2 Checklist after doing the above please reach out to us and we'll happy to assist.

We'll keep this post updated with any further known issues that come to hand and/or any updates to timeframes on resolution. If you're experiencing an issue that hasn't been covered above, please create a new post using the link below and we'll do our best to assist 🙂

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