How to edit the column size on the Payroll Summary Report so it can be viewed without scrolling?

kadde Member Posts: 1 āœ­

I've recently updated to STP Phase 2 from Reckon One.

I am having trouble viewing the payroll summary report. Currently, I need to scroll across to see the last 5 columns but then the first 3 columns including the employee name disappears.

The only way work around I can find is to reduce the website page size to 75%

It's also a problem when printing. If the website page isn't reduced the information for an employee is printing on multiple pages. I'm clicking on the blue print button above the report but it is printing the page view not the report information, so a list of reports is also appearing payroll summary, payroll detail, payroll leave balance etc


  • Lucas
    Lucas Reckon Staff Posts: 108 Reckon Staff

    Hi @kadde,

    It's strange for you to be unable to see the entire payroll summary report. Please privately message me a screenshot by:

    clicking on the print screen function on your keyboard


    searching for the 'snipping tool' and taking a screenshot of the selected area.

    I will take a look into this for you and see if I can find anything that could potentially be causing an issue for you.

    Kind regards,