Do we need to migrate a book from Reckon One to Reckon Payroll if it is only being used historically

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We have 3 books in Reckon One, one which is no longer being used for pays but needed for historical data and the other 2 have recently been migrated to Reckon Payroll. I am receiving emails to say that I haven't completed my STP2 migration although I have already processed one payrun in the new Reckon Payroll. I am assuming it refers to the one which we no longer process pays in. Do I need to migrate that one to Reckon Payroll as well or can it remain as Reckon One for read only purposes? We are paying a subscription for all 3?


  • Lucas
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    Hi @Jodie_10004988,

    I recommend that you also migrate the other two books to Reckon Payroll, so this does not cause issues down the road, if you were to ever use them again.



  • Jodie_10004988
    Jodie_10004988 Member Posts: 36

    OK, thank you for confirming.