⌛ Calling all Reckon One payroll users! Upgrade to STP Phase 2 now!

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Are you a Reckon One payroll user? Don't forget to make the switch to STP Phase 2

Over 70% of Reckon customers have successfully completed their upgrade to Reckon Payroll and STP Phase 2. Its essential your business completes this transition by 30 September 2023 to remain compliant.

Don't worry though, its super easy to upgrade and make the switch in 3 easy steps!

1️⃣ Upgrade to the new Reckon Payroll experience!

The all-new Reckon Payroll experience is now available for our Reckon One payroll customers and includes STP Phase 2 functionality.

Access the Reckon Payroll upgrade via the green banner at the top of your Reckon One book. All your existing data will seamlessly populate in the new experience, allowing you to dive right in without any hassle. Check out our video below on upgrading to Reckon Payroll 🙂

2️⃣ Complete the STP Phase 2 Checklist

The STP Phase 2 Checklist will guide you through the information you need to edit or review to get your business compliant with the ATO's requirements. Check out our video on the STP Phase 2 Checklist below.

3️⃣ Switch to STP Phase 2

Once your checklist is complete your next pay run will be processed under STP Phase 2. Its that easy! Pay runs completed after 30 September 2023 must be submitted through STP Phase 2 reporting in order to remain compliant.

Reckon's STP Phase 2 deferral concludes on 30 September 2023, so please ensure you have upgraded, completed the STP Phase 2 Checklist and are ready to report your next pay run via STP Phase 2 by this date.

For more info, check out our announcement and upgrade help article.

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