Long Service Leave - long term existing employee - starting to take LSL

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Hi All, I am needing to correctly set up Long Service Leave being taken by my staff. They are entitled to 15.6 weeks of leave at 22 hours per week. They are also accruing additional hours, as they are taking their LSL away from work and remain employed. How do I allocate the total number of hours in their "Bank" then when I pay them this amount is deducted correctly please?

Also, there is no Long Service Leave or LSL currently in the options, would I choose Other1?

and How will that show on the payslip please?

Thank you in advance


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    Hi DinnerQueen,

    Please see the KB article located at


    for steps on establishing Long Service Leave.

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    Hi Klaura,

    I will need to enter the whole allowance of LSL into the system for the past 12 years, I believe I should be able to just add it to the area where the leave shows as Available right? (Other 1 - LSL) Thank you Kasia

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    Hi Kasia

    Yes, you need to enter each employee’s opening balance here:

    NOTE: Make sure you enter the correct balance for the “… as of … “date ☺️

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