STP Phase 2 Checklist

Am about to try and switch over to STP Phase 2 and am unable to find the checklist on my Payroll.

If I look under the compliance tab, it only shows my submissions, dosen't show checklist?

Have been using the app now for 5 weeks, need to switch over before Thursday.


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  • Nickiu
    Nickiu Reckon Staff Posts: 18 Reckon Staff
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    Hi @Stacey_6976885 ,

    Maybe the book already upgraded to STP2, To check that go on Settings -> Single Touch Payroll -> Check the STP version.

    Hope this helps.



  • Stacey_6976885
    Stacey_6976885 Member Posts: 40

    Thanks Nick

    I still thought I may have had to go through the checklist and allocate the employees categories?

    Thanks for clarifying.