Can I delete a lodged STP file?

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Sheesh - I'm a poor simple farmer with one employee. I did his first pay run for last quarter on 7-7-2023, and uploaded the STP file. His holidays were due, so I did a separate pay run for them on the same day - and uploaded that STP file.

So now I go to lodge my BAS, and their pre filled wages don't match mine. It seems the holiday STP file I uploaded has also included the 1st weekly wage run for some reason.

So I need to delete his 1st week pay run in the ATO portal to make it reconcile. Can this be done? There seems to be no delete option.

I've tried manually adjusting his 1st weekly STP file to zero and uploading it as a file replacement - that just creates a new one in the portal. I've got about 5 there now ๐Ÿ˜…

Please help ...

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    First of all make sure the figures in Reckon are correct, if they are you can change the prefill figures on the BAS.

    then get your figures from the Payroll totals report

    call me if you need to


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    Hi Rob

    Unfortunately once submitted, STP submissions can't be deleted. (Note: This is an ATO compliance requirement, not Reckon) however STP updates YTD balances each submission (rather than reporting just that specific payrun's figures) so each new STP file that you submit is "current", overriding prior ones. Therefore, you don't need to delete anything anyway ๐Ÿ˜Š

    The ATO has commenced prefilling W1 & W2 from STP2 data however, this rollout is still in its early stages & is often incomplete/inaccurate, hence the option given to change it. Your payroll software is the source of truth so if necessary, you should edit these prefilled label amounts on the portal accordingly.

    Feel free to email me direct if you need any 1-on-1 help ๐Ÿ˜Š

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