STP submission error

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I am receiving this error when sending my stp file. Where do I go to correct this? I have been submitting stp files regularly and now this error has popped up.


  • Alexander McKeown
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    Hello @KAD,

    This is likely due to your contact name in your Company Information's Payroll Information section being empty.

    The best way to fix this is to go into your company file, then go to Company -> Company Information -> Payroll Tax Form Information, you just need to add-in your full name in the Contact section, along with your Phone Number.

    After this, you can recreate your STP file, then submit this to the ATO without issue.

    Kind regards,

    Alexander McKeown

  • KAD
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    Thank you for responding @Alexander McKeown , i have done as you suggested and it has solved my problem. Big thank you!