I need to create a post.. which category do I select?

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Hey everyone!

When creating a new post, its really important that you select the correct category so its in the right place and reaches the right members in order to receive accurate, meaningful and timely responses.

The Reckon Community is organised into categories for each Reckon product and we've put together a quick little guide below to provide clarity on which category to select for your specific Reckon software when you're creating a new post.

Reckon Accounts Hosted

Using Reckon Accounts Hosted? Select the Accounts Hosted option.

Reckon Accounts Desktop

If you're using Reckon Accounts Desktop software such as Reckon Accounts Plus, Premier or Enterprise then select Reckon Accounts (Desktop)

Reckon One

Are you using Reckon One for payroll and now upgrading to the Reckon Payroll experience? Choose the Reckon Payroll 🚀 selection from the list.

  • For Reckon One queries that aren't related to payroll or the upgrade, select the main Reckon One category

Payroll Premier

Were you using Payroll Premier (Desktop) and now upgrading to Reckon Payroll? Select the dedicated Reckon Payroll 🚀 category for your post.

Reckon Payroll App

Have you been using the Reckon Payroll App for your payroll & STP and need to ask a question? Choose Reckon Payroll 🚀

Reckon Insights

Do you have a question about Reckon Insights? Select our Reckon Insights category when creating your post.

Do you have a question about, noticed a problem with, or have some feedback about the Reckon Community site itself? Let us know by creating a post and selecting the About Reckon Community category.

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