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mlatour Member Posts: 16

I received an email from Reckon telling me I have not migrated to STP Phase 2 yet. I upgraded well before 30 Sept and when I check my mobile app in Settings - Single Touch Payroll in tells me my version is STP Phase 2.

Can I ignore this email and does the above mean I have successfully migrated to Phase 2?

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  • Lucas
    Lucas Reckon Staff Posts: 62 Reckon Staff
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    Hi @mlatour,

    I just want to make sure you are in fact migrated to STP Phase 2, could you please try the following to check:

    1. Go to Settings
    2. Single Touch Payroll
    3. Verify if you are on STP version: Phase 2

    If you are please disregard the email.

    Thank you.




  • mlatour
    mlatour Member Posts: 16

    I have followed your instructions and yes, it says STP version: STP Phase 2.

    I will ignore the email.