STP2 and leave

Where do I find the history of my STP2 reporting in the new Reckon one payroll - I need to see if one was sent as my computer crashed while sending.

Also I have a couple of employees that their leave is not updating after a pay run - all other employees are being updated

Any suggestions to fix this issue please



  • Lucas
    Lucas Reckon Staff Posts: 105 Reckon Staff

    Hi @lesley_9730541,

    If you would like to check your STP Submissions for the new payroll, please go to compliance and select STP:

    That will show you the submissions that happened during your PC crash.

    If you have employees and the leave is not updating after a pay-run, please check that the pay earnings item has the following ticked, 'Include in time worked leave accruals' like here:

    Once you have completed this, please revert the pay-runs with the employees and pay earning item and mark as paid again to recalculate the leave balances for each pay-run.

    I hope this helps and if you require further clarification let me know.

    Thank you and have a lovely day.



  • lesley_9730541
    lesley_9730541 Member Posts: 52

    Hi Lucas

    Thank you for your reply - STP all sorted, thanks

    With regards the leave - my settings are correct as per your diagram above - It seems strange that 18 employees are being updated but 2 are not - could it be a setting in these particular employees although they appear to be exactly the same as the other employees

    Would it be worth deleting the leave settings in these employees and start again??