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Each time I pay the quarterly return to the PLSA, there is always a difference from the invoice from the PLSA to the amount calculated in Reckon. It's only usually a few cents but to reconcile the PLSL Payable, how do I account for that difference in Reckon?

Do I adjust it on the liability cheque? And what account do I use for that difference?

Any advice would be appreciated.



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    Hi @Wendy_10862352

    Enter a Liability Adjustment (under the Employees dropdown menu > Payroll Taxes & Liabilities > Adjust Payroll Liabilities).

    In this example, the RA calculated amount is $ 298.52:

    ... which is 40c more than the board's invoice amount payable of $ 298.12:

    So I would enter a liability adjustment to reduce it by that 40c:

    This then corrects both the liability (on the Bal Sheet):

    ... & the expense (on the P&L):


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