Employee is not getting their payg information

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One employee's information for PAYG from STP reporting through Reckon Gov Connect does not show up in their My Gov. When we report STP it shows as successful and sumbitted.

We have approximately 30 employees and this person is the only one that has this issue, have triple checked their information and it matches correctly. Have even set them up again as a new employee and still has not resolved the issue as it has been a problem for them since the commencement of STP.

Has anyone else had this problem or ideas how we can resolve this for the employees ease of completing the end of year?


  • Kris_Williams
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    Yes I have seen this a few times, all was correct at employer’s end, they had done everything right. Tax dept were unable to shed any light on it, the employee just had to use the figures from the Reckon report to lodge their tax. As long as TFN and spelling of name is correct I don’t know what else you can do.