Recent update to Reckon Accounts Desktop?

Rosie Member Posts: 116 ✭✭

We have noticed that the box to be ticked to say "Submitted to ATO" on the TFN page is now gone, and the font has changed on our screen.

Has there been a recent update to Accounts Desktop? Can a change be a made to a desktop version without us downloading and installing an update?


    NEILR Reckon Staff Posts: 29 Reckon Staff

    Under STP1 including the TFN Declaration was optional, which is why we had the 'lodge TFN Dec via GovConnect' tick-box .

    With STP2 the TFN Dec details are now included in every lodgment, so the tick to choose whether to include it in the lodgment was removed in the Reckon Accounts 2023 release.

    We haven't had any recent releases that would affect the in-product font and have no way of updating desktop installations automatically, it's up to the user to download and install each release/update.

    Where are you seeing the change in font, is it in a specific area of the product?