Creating new Payroll ID and rehiring?

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A few questions:

I ran into the problem where an employee has decided to come back to work for us after they resigned 3 months ago. (in the same Financial year, 2023/24)

I can't undo the termination date as its greyed out. I found in the help section that I'm supposed to do the below: (create a new display name and new payroll id)

From my understanding does that mean our employee will have 2 x Income Statements (from us) in their MyGov Account - One finalised with the YTD amounts up until the point they were terminated.

The 2nd one will start from $0 again and continue adding from now on?

Does this have any implications when i finalise at the end of the FY, as in will they both just report as Tax Ready and it's up to the employee's accountant to add both together for them?

So just to confirm: Will i just create a new display name e.g. Firstname Lastname2 and a new employee id?

Thank you in advance.


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    Hi @Arron,

    That's correct, there will be 2 x Income Statements from your company in their MyGov Account. The 2nd one, will be starting from $0 and continue adding on from all new pay-runs.

    There should be no implications when you are to finalise for the EOFY and will report as tax ready once completed. All you will need to do is just create the new employee record with a different display name and employee ID as you have stated above.

    If you require further assistance or clarification, please let me know.