Reckon One shared not showing up

PaulSingh Member Posts: 11


A reckon One ( & payroll) file has been shared with my partner email. I can see a notification

"Book has been shared with you by accounts@***** 17/1/2024 15:56:51"


  • PaulSingh
    PaulSingh Member Posts: 11

    But I cannot see the actual shared file?

  • Tanvi_kataria
    Tanvi_kataria Reckon Staff Posts: 100 Reckon Staff

    Hi @PaulSingh

    Can you please check if you're checking here as in the screenshot mentioned below -

    Also, if you have a partner access to the file, you can find that in the Partners as in the screenshot attached -

    Please let us know for any concerns/issues. Thank you!



  • PaulSingh
    PaulSingh Member Posts: 11

    Hi Tanvi,

    Yes I was checking by clicking 'Shared with me' box, I can see tiles other books shared with me but not the new one.

    And now I have check from the partners area based on your second screen shot , I can see that file. So I am not sure why I can't see it in ' Shared with me ' area?

  • Nickiu
    Nickiu Reckon Staff Posts: 28 Reckon Staff

    Hi @Paul_1902016 ,

    There are 2 options for the book sharing, If you share book under partner, the book will show under "Partner section". On the other hand, If you share book under user, it will show under "Shared with me".