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What's happening?

Ensuring the security of your data is a top priority for us at Reckon.
In line with this commitment and the compliance regulations set by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), we are implementing mandatory multi-factor authentication (MFA) for Reckon Accounts Hosted starting from 15 May 2024.

How do I setup MFA on my Reckon Accounts Hosted account?

Setting up MFA is really easy! We've got step by step instructions here - How do I setup MFA for Reckon Accounts Hosted? 🔒

We strongly encourage our Reckon Accounts Hosted users to get setup with MFA as soon as possible.

How often do I need to enter an MFA code when logging in?

From 15 May 2024 you will be prompted to authenticate with MFA once in a 24 hour period per device/browser.

I share my individual Reckon Accounts Hosted login with others, what do I do?

We are required to enable MFA on login and your Reckon Accounts Hosted account, like other online accounts you have, isn't designed to be shared across multiple individuals. It invalidates any realistic account security and isn't best practice. Ideally, each individual user should have their own licence to Hosted and this allows concurrent access to your file(s) in Hosted ie. its own login, and it will also have its own dedicated MFA for that specific user.

We're always happy to have a chat around managing multiple users and your options when it comes to licences etc. If you're sharing a login across multiple users then our customer service team is happy to have a conversation around getting the licencing side of things organised & setup. Please give the team a call on 1800 732 566 (AU) or 0800 447 292 (NZ).

I've setup MFA but need to change the phone number or authenticator app that my codes are being sent to, what do I do?

Managing your MFA is really simple to revoke the existing MFA you've got setup on your account so you can set it up again on a new device. We've got a few ways you can revoke existing MFA from your account, check out the full walkthrough here - Revoking your current MFA from your Reckon Accounts Hosted account 🔓

I sign in to the Reckon Portal for sending STP with my Reckon Accounts Hosted login, do I need to set up MFA in Hosted as well?

If you use your Reckon Accounts Hosted login credentials to also sign-in to the Reckon Portal (for sending your STP submissions for example), then all you need to do is click the Enable MFA button in Hosted.

ℹ️ You'll use the the same pre-existing MFA that is already setup from your companion Reckon Portal account so you won't need to go through the setup process.

You'll see the below message if MFA is already enabled on your companion Reckon Portal account.

⚠️ Please note: This only applies to users who login to the Reckon Portal with their Reckon Accounts Hosted login credentials. If you are using a different login for the Reckon Portal eg. signing in with an email address for example, then follow the steps to setup MFA linked above.

I've setup MFA for Hosted in my authenticator app, why is one of my old RAH user's email address displaying in the app?

Check out the info in this post for full details - Email address in authenticator app after setting up MFA 🔒📱

Need help with setting up MFA or have a question not answered here?

We're more than happy to support our Reckon Accounts Hosted users with this change and if you need assistance with getting MFA setup, please click HERE to create a new post.

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