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I have a query with reconciling Reckon Hosted wages figures to STP lodgementsIn July last year there was an error with how Reckon treated the Super salary sacrifice and it included it in the Gross figures for STPSo the figure  in Reckon to STP are different

Should I go back to the STP lodged in July 23 and do a update event for those weeks or will it correct itself in the final event for EOFY


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    Each STP submission simply updates YTD balances (rather than reporting that specific pay run’s figures) so IF you have made corrections in your payroll/Paycheques, this will automatically override prior submissions.

    There’s a known, random glitch that can occur between standard (SGC) Super & SS/RESC where the RESC link drops out.

    If you run the Super Report by Employee (under Employees in Reports dropdown menu) & add in the RESC column, you will be able to see which line(s) (Paycheques) were affected. On those ones, unlock the applicable pays & delete/re-add the relevant Super Payroll Item to correct this.

    TIP: Always cross-check your figures before each submission - This will ensure they are correct each time & make finalising at EOFY a 5-min job (rather than 5 hrs! 😩)

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