#TipTuesday - Memo in the Customer Statement📝

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Memo in or Memo out?

Yes, we heard you! 😃

We've added a new feature in Reckon Accounts 2024 where you now have the ability to select whether to print the Memo or not in a Customer Statement!

Memo serves as an additional tool to create notes for customers, adding details to your invoices or serves as an internal note which helps maintain transparency and accuracy within the transactions.

However, we received a lot of feedback where users wanted this Memo to be displayed internally as this may contain confidential information which you may not want your clients to see.

In Reckon Accounts 2024, you can now decide to stop the memo from printing in the Customer Statement.

This will give you the freedom to add notes, references, or any confidential information where required.

How does this work?

In the new Reckon Accounts 2024 software the option to include Memo in the Description field is disabled by default.

You can turn this feature on or off by going to Customers ➡️ Create Statement ➡️ Include Memo in Description field.


I have added a Memo on this invoice as shown in the image below.

As you'll see below, when Include Memo in Description field is unticked the invoice will generate without the contents of the Memo field

When Include Memo in the Description is ticked, the contents of the memo will appear at the end of the description on the invoice as you'll see below.

Hopefully this new improvement helps with your workflow and to check out everything new in the 2024 edition of Reckon Accounts click below 👇