how to remove an inactive employee from the list of employee

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Cannot delete employee

When trying to delete a terminated and inactive employee from our list of employees I receive the following message

Cannot delete employee with pay runs and / or Initial Year to Date data.
Please remove ….. from all pay runs and remove any Year to Date data and try again.

The employee has not been in any pay run after the 'lock book' date.

And where can I find 'Year to Date' data?


  • Tanvi_kataria
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    Hi @Peter_9962328

    As the employee has been paid through the book, there is no way to delete the employee. The deletion of the employee is only possible, if they have never been included in any of the pay runs.

    To only option is separate them from the active employees is to Archive them by going in Employee - Select the Name of the employee - Click on Options - Archive Employee.

    I hope this helps you having all the active employees in a list with no Terminated or Archived employee. Please let us know for any concerns/issues. Thank you!



  • Peter_9962328
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    Thanks Tanvi

    That explains why I can't 😅