2024 update and now fuzzy screen


Hi Reckon Community,

Any idea how to fix the fuzzy screen that happened when I updated from 2023 to 2024 accounts plus desktop version? This happened last year too but I can't remember how I fixed it.
Hopefully I have attached a pic of the 2023 version with clear looking screen on the left and the fuzzy looking screen of the 2024 version on the right side of the pic.


  • Tanvi_kataria
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    Morning @Scott_10640616

    Please check the DPI settings set for the application. Follow the steps in the article -

    I hope this helps. Please let us know, if the issue still persists. Thank you!



  • Scott_10640616
    Scott_10640616 Member Posts: 15

    Thank you Tanvi. That did fix it. Looks much better now.

    Any idea why I have to manually do this each year when I update the program?

    I'll print off that fix and save it for next year.

  • Tanvi_kataria
    Tanvi_kataria Reckon Staff Posts: 228 Reckon Staff

    Hi Scott

    It's basically an Application Preferences. So, if the application is changed, we have to change those preferences as we have a new app installed, if that make sense.

    Thank you