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I am using Accounts Personal Plus 2015 on Windows 8.1. I have two Reckon files that I have been running for many years. Since upgrading to 2015, I cannot get the share update (One Step Update) working.  It hangs - the circling arrow keeps going round endlessly with no update outcomes


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    I have the same problem since 19th February.
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    There is more than one thread complaining that the stock update is not working.  And I certainly can confirm it is not.  I am using Windows 8 to and recently re-installed Quicken.  I have been reading some of these threads and just like myself I noticed that this problem has been acknowledged for a number of months with no response or interest from the owners.  Fortunately I am using another software in parallel for my investments and they have recently offered the use of bank accounts with their portfolio management.  I am seriously investigating this alternative and I am not interstd mentioning this software name in this forum.  I am disappointed to have to say this as I have been a very long-time user of this product but when an organisation ignores its malfunctions and fails to deliver to what was working, you have to concede...  I only wish that I can be proven wrong
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