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Danielle SiersDanielle Siers Member Posts: 2
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Am attempting to install Reckon Accounts 2015 for a trial to a computer running Windows 7. No previous versions of Quickbooks have ever been installed on the computer.

After unzipping the file, the setup commences. I am able to get to the second screen which asks me for the Installation Key Code. I have entered the Trial Key that I was given when signing up for the trial but I keep getting the error "The Installation Key you have entered is invalid".

I tried a second Trial Key from the website but got the same error message.

Any ideas??



  • Kevin ChamberlainKevin Chamberlain Member Posts: 15
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    Hi Danielle,
    I suggest you ring their registration line for assistance. That one does not cost.

  • Reckon FAQsReckon FAQs Reckon Staff Posts: 700 ✭✭
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    Hey Danielle, as per Kevin's suggestion, the number to call in 1800 RECKON.
  • Danielle SiersDanielle Siers Member Posts: 2
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    Well not even the support team could help.

    It's an error within the Reckon website. After registering for a trial you are given a trial key code, which works for the 2014 product but the download link provided is for the 2015 product.

    Very frustrating!!

    Does anyone have a download link for the 2014 Quickbooks Accounting Plus program??
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