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Sam KeatingSam Keating Member Posts: 5
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I run a lot of reports for my clients and some like the GST included int their sales figures and some don't.
As with Accrual and Cash basis reporting, the reports actually state which one has been chosen on the left hand side of the report.
I would like this to also say Net or Gross of GST so that regardless of whose accounts I am doing, I know which method they are using.  When I send them the reports, they will also be reminded.


  • Charles van RotterdamCharles van Rotterdam Member Posts: 6
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    Sam; I know what you mean and years ago you could do it, however my stock answer to that these days is "what does the GST have to do with your P&L". We are only a collection agency for the ATO.

    If you want amounts including GST then you need to pick up Ledger reports which you can then filter

  • DeanDean Alumni Posts: 35
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    Hi Sam,

    Thank you for the suggestion, and for your input Charles. We could possibly put these on the Sales/Income and Purchase/expense transaction reports.

  • Sam KeatingSam Keating Member Posts: 5
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    I appreciate your response.  It would be great if you could do this Dean.  That way my clients and I are all on the same page, not to mention the accountant at the EOFY who isn't always across how each of their clients like their reports.
    GST isn't always about the bottom line. My clients look at the PL because they are familiar with them. If I showed them the Tax Summary or Liability report, some would run screaming into the hills, but they all like knowing just how much they are giving the ATO on a daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly basis.
  • DeanDean Alumni Posts: 35
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    I will get it added to our report development list.
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